Why Use Mystl.ink?

It's like a business card, but for the internet. All your social meedia accounts, biography, livestream embeds, and more.

No More Spam

Allow your fans and followers to easily find you on any social media they choose. Let your fans find what platforms you're on and follow you in one click.

Livestream Embedding

We'll embed your Twitch or YouTube livestream on your profile page when you're live. That way antime someone checks out your links when you're live will always know you're live!

Perfect for Brands

Allow brands to find all your social media profiles to check you out. All a brand needs is one link and they can find out everything about you, and all your social media profiles to see if you're a good fit. Again, Mystlink is a business card for your social presence.

Trendy Pants and Shoes

Why do creators choose us?

We don't lock desired features behind a paywall. You deserve to see your stats, embed your livestreams, and customize how you see fit!

Supporting us on Ko-fi however does unlock some quality-of-life features to take your page to the next level, however:

Custom wallpaper images

Custom colours for Username/Bio

Automatic Twitter feed embed

Latest YouTube video embed

Vanity/Verified badge (can be toggled)

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