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The Warship

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"Tools that help you connect with your fanbase are a must need for any streamer. The ability to easily showcase all my social media profiles and other links, while having the ability to control the look and feel of it is unlike any of the alternatives. Seeing all my statistics of each button click helps me understand what people like, and know how I'm doing as a creator. And the auto stream embedding of Twitch or YouTube streams is just insanely powerful!"

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the warship on twitch
Here's what's coming soon!

Portfolios for when you need something for bid'ness 😲

We're much more than a link service, now allowing you create a really professional looking portfolio or CV, for when you need it!

Prebuilt Templates 🖌️

I'm gonna be straight.. some of ya'll pages are ugly AF!
Soon we'll be rolling out some templates to choose from, which will allow you non-creative folk a one click solution to a good looking page!

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Finished Work in progress Not started
  1. v0.1 - Launch
    Initial launch of (originally as a link provider for a bonus for YouTube Channel Rewards extension we created, which quickly span off into it's own thing.
    Completetion date: June 2022
  2. v0.2 - We Realised We're Onto Something
    We have removed the idea of "Premium" for now, so the bot is completely free, and plans to be that way for a long time to come. We may eventually look into a premium option when server costs get too high, but happy to foot the bill for now and keep you guys happy!
    Completetion date: July 2022
  3. v0.3 - Spring Release
    - Provided additional customization options for both free and premium accounts. This includes "All One Button Color" to set all your buttons in unison
    - Image Uploading for Premium users for profile pictures
    - Added the 'Kumbh' font for those looking for a 'Futura' style.
    - Added additional buttons for MediaKits, OnlyFans, and Merch Stores.
    Completetion date: August 2022
  4. v0.4 - Backend Overhaul
    - Ability to have "Managers" to edit your page. Premium users can have infinate managers, and free users currently cannot have any. We may change this to a limited amount in the future if there's enough demand
    - New navigation bar added on the backend to help find the settings you want
    - "Personalization" now rebraded to "Look and Feel" with a much nicer UI and phone embed to showcase the changes you're making
    - Uploading profile pictures is now possible
    - Made it more obvious what features are locked behind Premium with a fancy modal
    - Mobile support should be a little better for the Look and Feel sections, however there is still the problem of touch initiating the drag and drop on the Links page.

    Anything that was done for Premium has been brought over to the free as we've removed Premium
    Completetion date: August 2022
  5. v0.5 - Additional Features
    - Drag and drop improvements for Links on mobile
    - Better breakdown on stats
    - Removal of Gezel Premium while in alpha and beta stages, everyone get's all access!
    Completetion date: December 2022
  1. v1.0
    - Custom Templates for you to choose to design your page
    - Portfolio builder, bring a professional side to Mystlink with an online CV/portfolio
    - QoL fixes and bug updates
    Completetion date: WIP